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They are perfect for young, tech-sa▓vvy consumers who take their mobile devices everywhere and use them to access social media▓ or to fill in short breaks between activities. "Short videos are popular because they are comp

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i finally has a plan to get into user▓-generated short-form videos.“It’s different now. We’ve noticed apps featuring short-form video are taking off,” Gong Yu, iQiyi CEO, told Bloomberg Television on▓

May 18.Companies like Tencent, Sohu,▓ and iQiyi have all started providing short video content. Even government agencies are getting▓ involved.On May 19, International Museum Day, Douyin joined with seven country-le

vel museums in China to laun▓ch creative short videos on cultural ▓relics. The two videos have been seen more than 118 million times and received 6.5 million times likes and over 1

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70,000 shares.“The government actions could▓ be regarded as a chance for the healthy development of the industry," Chen Zhou, a strategic consultant with YY Inc. told Xinhua.The shortcut is often a wrong cutWhile the short video meets the audiences' needs, concerns over vulgar, violent▓, gory, pornographic and other harmful content still ex

inese Internet u sers increasingly embrace the form at. Who are the view ers of the se videos of less than 20 mi nutes in length? Why d oes the conte?/a> 坣t attract them? How has short video market g▓ rowth been after regulatio n?Individuals: A new▓ way of entertainmen tThe short video is slowly filling up th▓e fragments of time. 鹤山市5G 遵化市5G 望江县5G 潢川县wap 建瓯市wap 甘南县5G 永嘉县5G 凉山彝族自治州wap 徐闻县5G 石门县wap 郯城县wap 济源市5G 中阳县5G 逊克县wap 天长市5G 拉萨市wap 苍梧县wap 海门市wap 察哈尔右翼前旗wap 贵溪市wap 传奇私服挂机回收元宝 传奇私服制作网站 传奇私服1.80复古版 新开176毁灭传奇私服 传奇私服战神版 网通传奇私服发布网 传奇私服网站新开网单职业中变 传奇私服攻沙规则 最新开的传奇私服 网通复古传奇私服